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TransRussia 2020

We are inviting you to visit our stand at the International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics Services and Technologies TransRussia 2020, which will take place from the 13th to the 15th of April 2020 in the "Crocus Expo" IEC, in Moscow! 

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Participation in the exhibition Transport and Logistics 2019 in Belarus

The company P&B Terminal took part in the International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics in Minsk, Belarus. The exhibition was held from the 1st of October to the 3rd of October 2019. 


As a result of this exhibition P&B Terminal established a close cooperation with the largest companies from Russia and Belarus within the logistics field. Additionally, we have held important meetings with our current customers, and have as well signed new agreements on futher development of our partnership.

P&B Terminal thanks all our partners and new clients! We are looking forward to building a productive, fundamental and professional collaboration.


Participation in the exhibition TRANSRUSSIA 2019

P&B Terminal took part in the 24th International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics Services and Technologies TransRussia, which was held from April 15 to April 17 2019 in the Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow, Russia. P&B Terminal was presented in pavilion 1/3 C233.


TransRussia is the largest exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies in Russia.

The representatives of our company who worked at the booth stand, have gladly answered all the questions of the visitors' interests. Our participation in this exhibition has most importantly brought us to new business deals,  allowed us to open new markets and receive new business contacts.


Results of year 2019 and plans for the future

The transportation of “groupage cargo” has become very popular among logistics companies.

Today, more than 25% of all cargo transportation in Europe falls on groupage cargo. This is, however, not surprising, as the transportation of goods in groupage parcel of cargo is a unique solution. It allows to combine the period and a cost of delivery in a best way possible, while paying less attention to the quantity of cargo.

Via a regular delivery, the customer is obliged to pay the cost of the whole container, no matter how much of it is loaded. While transporting groupage cargoes though, only the occupied space in the container is to be paid.

This allows to rapidly decrease the spenditure on the international shipping up to 30-40%.

One of the main activities of P&B Terminal is exactly the specialization in the transportation of groupage cargoes. Due to a wide work experience more and more companies refer to us. Only in the last 2 years, the volume of services we have provided increased by 1.5 times (in 2017 - 19591.78 m3, in 2018 - 30058.86 m3).

We are collaborating with the best companies in the Baltic States, attending transportation of cargoes around the world. Our company has always moved on its own path, overcoming any borders. P&B Terminal is capable of quickly reacting to the variations in demands of the logistics market. The activity of the comapny aims at a maximum fulfillment of the customers' requirements, as well as at a long-term, forward-looking cooperation with our partners.

Construction of additional warehouses

The project development for the new warehouse complex construction has been initiated with the aim of developing and expanding the range of warehouse services, increasing the company's return on capital and cargo turnover at the Freeport of Riga.

To achieve this goal, additional warehouses, production facilities and related infrastructure are planned to be built. The project involves the construction of an industrial warehouse, a warehouse and of an office building.

The industrial warehouse will be furnished with a modern equipment for processing bearing rings of various construction groups to ensure a full cycle of bearing production by SIA “APP Grupp” (Baltic Bearing Company).

The warehouse area of 1976 m2 can significantly increase the storage capacity and freight turnover. The new office building will have an area of 640 sq.m.

Shelving for 6,000 pallet places will be installed in the warehouse to ensure the storage of goods for various applications.

Currently, due to the increase in freight turnover, additional storage racks for 4,000 pallet places have been installed on the territory of P&B Terminal.

The total investment in the project is estimated at 4.18 million euros, most of which consists of investments in warehouse buildings, the purchase of mobile devices and equipment. The project implementation is planned until 2022.

The investments into the infrastructure will be conducted via the funds of SIA “P&B Terminal” (30%) in addition to the attracted loans of commercial banks (70%).