Services of cargo handling

  • Cargo consolidation- obtaining various goods in separate batches, storage and processing for further transportation​

  • Cross-docking- receiving and reloading goods through the warehouse directly, without placing them in the retention zone, when the cargo from one mode of transport is overloaded on another mode of transport

  • Handling of combined cargoes- receiving combined cargo and transportation to different recipients or receiving from different senders and unloading to one consignee​

  • Service of accountancy and sorting, annotation pasting

  • Storage of special and non-standard cargoes such as oversized cargoes, also including new and used cars and other modes of vehicles

  • Reports on quantity and damage check-up

  • Loading and reloading of other types of transport

  • Handling of oversized cargoes

  • Handling of dangerous goods 2-9 hazard classes, excluding class 7


Services of pallet handling

  • Palleting


  • Depalleting


  • Marking 


  • Repackaging 

  • Sorting 

Services of container handling

  • Storage and reloading of full and empty containers by a reach stacker with a carrying capacity of 40 tons


  • Manual and mechanical unloading of containers by a special lift-truck with a carrying capacity of 16 tons which can operate within a container


  • Cargo loading, packing and securing it in the containers (cars and other vehicles)​​​​

  • Loading and unloading of containers in order to increase the safety and integrity of your goods can be accomplished both manually and mechanically depending on the volumes, dimensions, weight and properties of cargo. It can be done with a unique specialized Meclift loader, with a carrying capacity of 16 tons, that can operate within a container, and also with a Richstacker, with a carrying capacity of 45 tons, which allows work not only with containers but also with heavy and oversized cargoes.

Customs services

  • Processing of documents required for customs procedures (EX, IM, T)


  • Completion of CMR and TIR Carnet


  • Applications of guarantee for goods intended for T1 procedure clearance

  • Administering of documents required for sanitary border inspection and Phyto-sanitary control, presentation of goods for control

  • Submission of documents and a direct representation procedure at the Customs clearance


  • Consultation of customs duties and tariff issues

Transportation services 


In recent years, international competition between ports has significantly grown and completely changed. Rapid growth and globalization of international trade and, as a result, significant growth of international transportation, development of logistics and technological progress in the transport industry have contributed to the fact that a terminal in the port plays an active role in the transportation system. This is where diverse interests of all participants in the transport process (cargo owners, carriers, agents and freight forwarders, as well as representatives of various public services, such as customs, border service, environmental control service, and many others) meet.

Sea freight transportation

We will be happy to offer you a delivery arrangement of your cargo using sea transport and to provide optimal transshipment at ports for changing modes of transport. Direct agreements with sea lines and extensive partner network allow us to carry out maritime container transportation at flexible prices. P&B Terminal offers:

  • Full range of maritime freight services worldwide

  • Door to door delivery for full (FCL) and consolidates (LCL) container cargo

  • Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)

  • Transportation of outsize cargo and if necessary we provide bulk shipping

  • Loading and unloading works and forwarding on the port territory

  • Carriage of goods to the port of departure (pre carriage)

  • Delivery of a container with cargo to the consignee

  • Other services

We collaborate with leading sea lines around the world. Including: 

Maersk, MSC, Evergreen, ONE, YML, OOCL, CMA CGM/Containerships, Mann Lines, Samskip etc.

Auto transportation

As a result of many years of experience and cooperation with reliable transport companies in Europe, Russia and Belarus, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality and economically most profitable service.

  • Transportation of general (FTL), consolidated (LTL), dangerous (ADR) cargoes, as well as transportation of cargo with a temperature regime

  • Transport within Europe and international transport

  • Door to Door delivery

  • Transportation of containers, consolidated, oversized and dangerous goods, as well as goods requiring special conditions of carriage

  • Registration of customs and other necessary transport documents

Air freight

Using an extensive partner network, we can provide:

  • International air transportation

  • Services of both direct (fast) and economical delivery

  • Combined transportation

  • Door-to-door delivery​

Our terminal is located at a distance of about 16 kilometers (30 minutes drive) from the largest air traffic center of Latvia —Riga International Airport (RIX).

Rail freight transportation

We offer railway transportation of goods on the territory of Europe, CIS countries, as well as from China and other countries of Asia. P&B Terminal offers:

  • International railway transport of goods by various types of rolling stock:

              - Container rail transport


            - Transportation in covered and refrigerated wagons


              - Cargo transportation on special open platforms

​              - Transportation in semi-wagons

  • Integrated railway transport

  • Organization of railway delivery of consolidated cargo​

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation  – is a possibility of transportation of goods by various modes of transport, including sea, road, rail, air transport, as well as consignment terminals.


Thanks to the location of our terminal in Riga Free Port, we have the opportunity to combine all these modes of transport, providing direct control when changing the mode of transport on the territory of the port, as well as to provide temporary storage of cargo in the territory of the free port.

Oversized cargo transportation

Due to the location of P&B Terminal and capabilities of the terminal and port, we are able to accept oversized cargo, provide temporary storage, as well as load on the required mode of transport, provide the necessary anchorage and related documentation.

As a result of many years of experience and cooperation with transport companies in Europe, Russia and Belarus, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality and economically most profitable service.

Address: ул. Uriekstes 18, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia


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